Total Organics’ Organic Coconut Oil is cold-pressed from the finest coconuts, it’s a treasure trove of health benefits. Packed with medium-chain fatty acids, it promotes weight management, overall health. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties helps keeping skin and hair healthy. Elevate your culinary delights and self-care rituals with the purity of nature. Embrace the goodness of coconut oil and experience a world of wellness.

1L (one litre)
500 ml
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Total Organics’ Organic Coconut Oil is nature’s bounty in a bottle, carefully crafted to elevate your well-being and enhance your lifestyle. Sourced from the purest coconuts, our cold-pressed coconut oil is a powerhouse of health benefits. Rich in medium-chain fatty acids, it aids in weight management, and overall well-being. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties make it a versatile addition to your skin and hair care routines. Unleash the potential of nature with Total Organics’ Organic Coconut Oil, your gateway to a healthier, more radiant life.

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1L (one litre), 500 ml

Nutritional Information

Nutritional values for coconut oil (per 100 grams): Calories: Approximately 862 calories, Total Fat: About 100 grams, Saturated Fat: Approximately, 86 grams, Monounsaturated Fat: About 6 grams, Polyunsaturated Fat: Around 2 grams, No carbohydrates, sugars, or protein

These values support a well-balanced diet and are based on a 100-gram serving, with individual values subject to slight variations based on specific dietary needs.