Ayuevedic Lemon Grass


Discover Total Organics’ Ayurvedic Lemongrass Herbal Soap, a soap that’s more than just a cleanser. It’s like a natural healer for your skin. Lemongrass, known for its antibacterial powers, makes this soap perfect for keeping your skin healthy. With a refreshing scent, it doesn’t just clean; it rejuvenates. Enjoy a soothing and aromatic bath every time you use it, and let Ayurveda’s natural remedies pamper your skin.

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Ayurvedic Lemongrass Herbal Soap, is a tribute to nature’s gifts and holistic well-being. Crafted with meticulous care, this soap captures the essence of Lemongrass, celebrated for its natural medicinal virtues. Its antibacterial properties cleanse and protect your skin, while the invigorating aroma creates a refreshing bathing experience. Embrace a sensory journey that transcends mere cleansing – it’s a daily ritual that connects you with nature and fosters a sense of rejuvenation. With Total Organics’ Ayurvedic Lemongrass Herbal Soap not only cleanses your body but also nourishes your soul with the therapeutic embrace of Ayurveda.