Ayurvedic Cow Ghee Herbal Neem Tulasi


Introducing Total Organics’ Ayurvedic Cow Ghee Herbal Neem Tulasi Soap, a natural remedy for your skin’s well-being. It cleanses and nourishes while harnessing the medicinal properties of these Ayurvedic herbs. Neem and Tulasi offer antibacterial and healing benefits, making this soap perfect for various skin concerns. Experience the therapeutic touch as you cleanse, rejuvenate, and protect your skin with every use. It’s your daily dose of Ayurveda for healthy, radiant skin.

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Total Organics proudly presents Ayurvedic Cow Ghee Herbal Neem Tulasi Soap, an embodiment of organic living, sustainable practices, and holistic wellness. Crafted with ethically sourced, pure cow ghee and enriched with the potent properties of Neem and Tulasi, this soap offers a symphony of organic goodness. Neem, known for its antibacterial and skin-healing attributes, combined with Tulasi’s revitalizing qualities, makes this soap a natural remedy for various skin concerns. It goes beyond cleansing; it nurtures and protects. Embrace the essence of an organic lifestyle and experience the healing touch of Ayurveda with every soothing lather, fostering a healthier, more sustainable you.